Charleston's First Sci-Fi, Fantasy,Gaming, Science and Technology Convention

November 13-15, 2015

Charleston Plaza Hotel 4770 Goer Drive North Charleston,South Carolina 29406

















  • Literary Guest of Honor: Robert J Sawyer Literary Guest of Honor: Robert J Sawyer Rob is one of only 8 writers in history to win all 3 of the world's top Science Fiction awards for best novel of the year: the Hugo, the Nebula, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. The 2009-2010 ABC TV series FlashForward was based on his novel of the same name, and Rob was a scriptwriter for that series. His twenty-three novels include Red Planet Blues, Triggers, Calculating God, and the "WWW" trilogy of Wake, Watch, and Wonder, each volume of which separately won the Aurora Award — Canada's top honor in science fiction — for Best Novel of the Year.
  • Artist Guest of Honor: Don Maitz Artist Guest of Honor: Don Maitz Don Maitz has a 30 year history as an illustrator. He created the iconic pirate character for Captain Morgan Spice Rum. Among his many awards have been: 3 Hugo Awards and 10 Chesley Awards. His art has been featured on over 200 book covers, magazines, game cards and concept art for animated films. Don and Janny's work has been featured in a documentary called Mythic Journeys which is available through Netflix and Amazon. (Photo by Janny Wurts)
  • Artist Guest of Honor: Janny Wurts Artist Guest of Honor: Janny Wurts Janny Wurts is an author/illustrator of 17 novels, fine artist and award winning bagpiper. She has led the DragonCon Parade for years! Her works, like Don's, have been featured in many museums including: a commemorative exhibition for NASA's 25th Anniversary; the Art of the Cosmos at Hayden Planetarium in New York; and two exhibits of fantasy art, at both the Delaware Art Museum, and Canton Art Museum. (Photo by Don Maitz)
  • Science Guest of Honor: Brian Malow Science Guest of Honor: Brian Malow Brian is Earth’s Premier Science Comedian (self-proclaimed). He has performed for NSF, AAAS, JPL, NIST, ACS, AGU – and many other acronyms. Brian has made science videos for Time Magazine’s website and is a contributor to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s radio show. He’s been featured on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, co-hosted shows on The Weather Channel, and been profiled in Nature, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. Brian currently works in science communication for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, and blogs for Scientific American.
  • Filk Guest of Honor:Teri Wachowiak Filk Guest of Honor:Teri Wachowiak Theresa (Teri) Wachowiak has been in filk scene over twenty five years. She has been a guest at a number of southeastern conventions, among them ConCarolinas, HonorCon and Gafilk, where she was Toastmaster. As a member of Timelines she was an Interfilk guest at BayCon and was the American guest at the Quinze Filkfest in Great Britain. Her music is both serious and funny and her amount of material is legendary. She lives in Augusta, Georgia.
  • MC: Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit MC: Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit


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  • Gail Z. Martin Gail Z. Martin Author, Epic and Urban Fantasy,Steampunk
  • Noise Complaint Noise Complaint Cosplay Tap Dance Group
  • Stephen Dedman Stephen Dedman Author-Dark Fantasy
  • Tally Johnson Tally Johnson Author of 3 books of true South Carolina ghostlore
  • Nicole Kurtz Nicole Kurtz Publisher and author for Mocha Memoirs Press
  • T.Eric Bakutis T.Eric Bakutis Author and Game Designer
  • Valentine Wolfe Valentine Wolfe Musical Group, Goth, Steampunk
  • Alexandra Christian Alexandra Christian Author, Paranormal Romance and Horror
  • Randy Richards Randy Richards Author, Photographer, TARDIS Owner
  • SL Figuhr SL Figuhr Author, Paranormal, Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic
  • Joey Paquette Joey Paquette Blogger, Chair-The Geek Gala
  • Leona Wisoker Leona Wisoker Author, Owner-The Scribbling Lion
  • Misty Massey Misty Massey Author, Editor, Pirate Fantasy,
  • Windfield Strock III Windfield Strock III Author, Steampunk, Paranormal
  • S.H. Roddey S.H. Roddey Author/Blogger , Paranormal, Horror
  • Christine Brunson Christine Brunson Artist, Author,Publisher
  • Thomas A. Mays Thomas A. Mays Author, Military Sci-fi
  • Andy Rider Andy Rider Comedian
  • Charlie Kaufman Charlie Kaufman Disaster Prepareness Expert
  • Darin Kennedy Darin Kennedy Author, Paranormal Mysteries
  • Susan Shell Winston Susan Shell Winston Editor, Fantasy Author
  • Rachael Mahaffey Rachael Mahaffey Artist
  • Alex Matsuo Alex Matsuo Paranormal Author, Investigator, Blogger
  • Joice and Jim Lavene Joice and Jim Lavene Authors, Paranormal, Mystery
  • Chris Kennedy Chris Kennedy Author, Military Sci-fi
  • Tina McSwain Tina McSwain Paranormal Expert
  • Tera Fulbright Tera Fulbright Author, Costumer
  • Cheralyn Lambeth Cheralyn Lambeth Author,Costumer, Puppeteer
  • Tracy Wray Tracy Wray Makeup Artist
  • Nancy Northcott Nancy Northcott Author
  • John Marshall Davis John Marshall Davis Author


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