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Local Guest Spotlight!

Charleston is a city rich is culture and talent.  No wonder we are consistently voted one of the best places to visit and one of the friendliest cities!  This year we are pleased to host a rich assortment of local guests.   Below is just a little about them:

Christine Brunson

Christine is a local artist. She made her debut as co-creator, writer, and colorist for the web comic Undead Norm. Soon she found herself writing scripts for other stories and coloring pages for other creators. Christine hopes to continue making great comics for people to enjoy for many years to come!


Marie F Crow

Marie is the author of four books in the post-apocalyptic Risen Series as well as three books in the children’s Abigail and Her Pet Zombie Series as well as The Sirens and Blood Cravings Series.  In addition to writing, Marie has her own publishing company: Marie F Crow Publishing located in Goose Creek, SC.


SL Figuhr

SL is fan of the macabre and fantasy, SL’s biggest influences came from authors like Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly, Anne Rice, Edgar Allen Poe, and H.P. Lovecraft provided early influences. Other inspirations include Tales From The Crypt, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Xena, Alias, and a host of 1980′s movies. She has two books out in the Immortalibus Bella Series and hopes to have a third completed by the end of the year.


Leah Rhyne

Her first novel, Undead America: Zombie Days, Campfire Nights released in October, 2012, by MuseItUp Publishing. It’s sequel: Undead America: No Angels, was out in October, 2013. Around the web, you can find her writing for The Charleston City Paper, where she focuses on the local arts scene and a few opinion pieces, or at LitReactor, where the focus is books, writing, and more books.


Bruce Orr

Bruce Orr is a retired criminal investigator turned author.After retiring Mr. Orr combined his love for investigation and research with his love for history and writing. He began researching local Lowcountry legends and is now known as a “Ghostorian”. Bruce has written “Six Miles to Charleston” which is a look at the facts behind the legend of John and Lavinia Fisher, who were accused of robbing and murdering their guests at an Inn in 1819, Haunted Summerville, SC,”Ghosts of Berkeley County, SC and his latest book: Ghosts of the USS Yorktown, the Phantoms of Patriots Point.


Andy Rider

Stand-up comedian Andy Rider seeks to be both unique and hilarious. In the nearly three years he’s been doing stand-up he has been a finalist in the 2011 Charleston Stand-Up Competition and entertained audiences in both Carolina’s with a storytelling style that touches on comic books, dreams, trips to foreign lands, movies and even modeling.

Some of our other local artists attending:

James Christopher Hill

TM Showers

Dina Barron (Hooks N Toggles)



And now a word from our sponsors…………

Putting on a 3 day convention is a huge financial undertaking! You have facilities fees (rental of the space), guest expenses, table rentals , a/v equipment purchases, badge and program book printing, laminate, badge clips, badge labels, signage, certificates/trophies/ prizes for the various activities, supplies for make and takes, plus just the general office supplies like laminators, staplers, pens, etc.  We get the funds to make all this possible three ways: Membership sales, Dealer’s Room Fees and Sponsors.

Sponsors help us in a variety of ways.  Some help with money, other provide products that we can use for prizes or giveaways, and others donate items that we can use in our charity auction.  They are a very important to bringing a convention like ours to fruition.   Anyone can be a Sponsor. It doesn’t have to be “geek” related.  We geeks buy homes, cars, furniture, electronics and go to the doctor. We eat at fast food restaurants and we enjoy fine dining.  Advertising at our convention is just another way to get the word out to a large number of people at one time.  Our rates are really cheap in comparison to many advertising outlets.   So if you or you know someone who may be interested in supporting us, please let me know, we are always willing to work something out to help both parties.

Just a little about our current sponsors, I encourage everyone to support them!


Soundwave Music, Comics and Movies

Greg and Holly at Soundwave have been our sponsors from the beginning. They have given us a great deal of support and have helped spread the word about the convention to their customers.  The store is located in Summerville on 17A.


Looking for news on Star Wars Collectibles? This is a great site to find it!


USS Yorktown Ghost Tours

Come aboard the famous “Fighting Lady” on this exclusive guided walking ghost tour that explores the unexplained mysteries of the USS Yorktown, the legendary WWII aircraft carrier docked in the harbor in historic Charleston, SC.  Walk in the steps of Heroes where many gave their all and a few may linger still.  Hear stories of sacrifice and devastation which befell many who served as this tour ventures into areas normally restricted to the public. Learn of the strange activity that has been documented and reported over the years including the startling results of the investigation by Syfy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” and see for yourself why The Today Show and Family Circle Magazine named this as THE walking ghost tour to do in Charleston . Rates are $25 for a 90 minute tour but group rates are available.


James Hill Gallery

James is a local Charleston Artist and literally an original support of the convention. His ideas and enthusiasm really was what kicked me in the butt to start the convention!  He works in just about every medium.  He creates both vibrant landscapes, murals, as well as Sci-fi, fantasy, Gothic, and Steampunk themed works.   In addition to being a painter, James has created a plethora of works in the digital, 3D media.  He has participated in Spoleto Festival, and the North Charleston Arts Festival as well as MegaCon, DragonCon, ConCarolinas, Contemporal, XCon just to name a few.



Scripped is screenwriting software and one of the sponsors of our Film Festival this year.


The History Press

The History Press is a local Charleston Publisher.  They publish mostly historical/reference based books for different regions all over the world.  Our guests Bruce Orr and Tally Johnson have books published by them.   Whether  it is ghost stories, craft brewing,  best foods, or pirate history, this is definitely the place to visit.

Pop Up Tee

Pop Up Tee offers t-shirts for a limited time. The shirts are $12.99 and incudes shipping.  They are usually shipped within 12 days after the promotion ends. I’ve bought several shirts from them and found them to be of good quality and in most cases I had my shirts about 5 days after the offer ended.

Sonic North Charleston

Best place to get a milkshake! The manager is a cosplayer and fan and they will be at the convention this year with games and give aways!



Our Charity This Year: Charleston Animal Society

Our charity this year is the Charleston Animal Society.

CAS is on its way to becoming a No-Kill shelter by 2015. Right now they are in the 90% + range. This is extraordinary because they accept all animals from emus to equanas and they are “the pound” for all of Charleston County. They accept 1000’s of animals each month and only have capacity for about 300. They can do this thanks to over 400 foster families and partnerships with Pet Smart and Pet Helpers. They also run a spay/neuter clinic, low cost rabies clinics, dog training, kid’s camps and a pet food bank to help those folks who have fallen on hard times keep their pets.

ALL of the proceeds of our Charity Auction on Saturday will go to CAS to help the animals. We encourage everyone to come to the auction and help! We will also have sci-fi inspired cat and dog toy make and take. We want you to make one for your pets and then make a few more that we will take to the shelter. We are going to work on some kind of pet food drive for the pet food bank. Most likely it will be a raffle ticket for each food item you bring with a chance to win some neat prizes.

As far as the auction, we will have donations from our sponsors, vendors, and donations from folks in general. I brought home a ton of swag from San Diego ComicCon including 3 of the exclusive New Dawn preview books signed by our Author Guest of Honor, John Jackson Miller. I also have a good bit of swag for the new Star Wars Rebels series on Disney XD this fall.  I will   try and create a list of all auction items and post them at another time.

Please remember that prices go up in 9 days! Save $5 and so get them now.

Also our film festival entry deadline is coming up. Please feel free to email if you have any questions.


bobafett spider books starwars_swag flash supernatural pirate swag1 pony UK

Not a square to spare!

All of our dealer’s room tables have been sold.  We are also out of space for fan and author tables– although we may be able to fit a few over in the gaming hall area.

We are working on our schedule ideas and securing panelist etc.  If you have an idea, or something you would like to present, please let me know.   We pretty much have filled up our guest roster for this year, but may add a few more before the convention.

Our hotel block is almost full.  Get your reservation in here:  Use ATOMAC in the Group Code area to get the $81 a night rate.

Memberships will go up after August 31st to $35 for the weekend, $20 for teens, children 12 and under are free.   Still have a few Eternal Memberships left. Go here to sign up:

Lastly, check out our Sponsors this year:   We can always use more!  Sponsorships can be cash or product trade.  Sponsors really can be any kind of business.

What’s New for 2014?

This year we are adding a few new events and features.  The first is Tabletop Gaming. We have a 2200+ Sqft hall set aside which can house as many as 180 gamers!  Because I’m not a gamer, Del Collins and the folks at SCARAB have kindly agreed to run things for me.  There will be Pathfinder Society for sure, and they are bringing their entire board game library so there should be something for everyone!   Joey Paquette will be running a late night Cards Against Humanity session or two and more announcements will come as we get things organized.

In addition to the tabletop games, we will have quite a few “audience” participation games such as Sci-fi Hollywood Game Night, Sci-Fi Simon Says, Randy’s Trivia Challenge, Game of Thrones Trivia, etc.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Also new this year is our Independent Short Film Festival.   For more information, go here:   Deadline for entry is September 26 so get those entries in!

Fringe Sciences gets it’s own track this year featuring Ghosthunting Tech, Local Ghost Stories and Haunted Places, Bigfoot Hunting, etc.  We have a great selection of experts to answer any questions you may have.

Lastly, we have the workshop room which will feature a variety of make and takes- craft projects that you get to make and take with you.  We will also have a quick sketch contest with prizes,  Make your own puppet workshop with Cheralyn Lambeth,  some writing workshops, and oil painting demo and what ever we come up!


Special Guests

Today I’m reviewing our special guests.  Also, our Dealer’s room is now full!

Artist Special Guest: Scott Rorie

Scott has done a variety of work from Walking Dead, Dr. Who, and Star Wars. He is a Marvel-approved artist working for Rittenhouse Archives creating cards for “Marvel’s 70th Anniversary”,”Marvel’s Heroes and Villains” and “Marvels Dangerous Divas” card sets. He is a Lucasfilm-approved artist working for Topps on the “Star Wars Galaxy 5″, “Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Widevision” and “Star Wars Galaxy 6″ card sets. Scott is also an honorary member of the 501st Legion.  I saw some very impressive Game of Thrones artwork at ConCarolinas this year as well!  


Artist Special Guest: Sean McGuinness

Sean McGuinness, commonly known as “That Godzilla Guy”, is an artist based out of Columbia, SC known for his Godzillafications, an artwork or consequence growing out of his unique vision to interject Godzilla into famous artworks or to create new art. Sean is also a champion of the Cosplay Does Not Equal Consent image project. 


Filk Special Guest: Moss Bliss

Moss is coming from Knoxville, Tennessee to share some of his filking talents.  For those who do not know what Filk is, it is defined as:  a musical movement among fans of science fiction and fantasy fandom and closely related activities, emphasizing content which is related to the genre or its fans, and promoting broad participation.   Think of it like Sci-fi Weird Al Yankavic.  Although Filk is not always satirical in nature, many of the songs I have heard are a lot of fun and it just another way for folks to express their fandom.

Filmaker Special Guest: Christopher Mihm

Christopher Mihm is an independent filmmaker based in Minnesota that specializes in as-authentic-as-possible 1950s-style genre B-movies. To date he has released nine features (including multi-award-winners “The Monster of Phantom Lake,” “Attack of the Moon Zombies,” “House of Ghosts,” and “The Giant Spider”). Christopher R. Mihm has been featured in many publications, both online and off, including SCI-FI Magazine, Screem, and Scary Monsters Magazine. Mr. Mihm was the recipient of the first-ever “Roger & Julie Corman Intrepid Filmmaker” award at the 37th annual ValleyCON in Fargo, ND and won the “Best Director” award from  Christopher will be in our dealer’s room selling his movies and we plan to show at least one feature each night of the convention.  Do you have one you would like to see? Let us know.


Master of Ceremonies: Rich Sigfrit

I have known Rich forever! He started with us at ConCarolinas with his Star Wars Podcast and slowly became a staple in the convention community!  He’s a great MC, auctioneer, and very funny guy. We share the same job skills and who wouldn’t hire a person who’s sample computer-based training product is a Zombie Survival Guide? (Which I hope to get him to show us at the Con because it really was quite clever!).




Welcome to AtomaCon News! First Up, our Guest of Honors

Welcome everyone to our first blog entry!  The purpose of this blog is to provide more detailed information about our convention that you might not get via social media or our website.

Our convention is a week later this year: November 14-16 at the Charleston Plaza Hotel-formally Inn Place-formally Sheraton Airport.  We have all 10,000 sqft of convention space and have added new features and events that we hope all will enjoy.

Today I’ll talk about our Guest of Honors:

Literary Guest of Honor: John Jackson Miller (

This will be John’s first visit to South Carolina and I think he will find our weather much more preferable than that of Wisconsin in November. John is the author of the bestselling novel: Kenobi (which won a Scribe Award at San Diego Comic Con) and will launch the new batch of Star Wars Extended Universe books with New Dawn in September.  But John isn’t just about Star Wars.  He has written the novel OverDraft, novella: Star Trek: Titan and comics of Mass Effect, Indiana Jones, Crymson Dynamo, Iron Man: Avengers Disassembled, and The Avengers: Disassembled.  He also has a gaming connection as an editor of Scrye magazine and contributor for the Star Wars Roleplaying game.  He also has another website called Comichron, The Comics Chronicles which is a resource for comic’s research (

Music Guest of Honor: Ken Spivey Band (

To quote their website: Doctor Who Themed Steampunk!!! The Ken Spivey Band is an praised Time Lord Rock group that combines Steampunk elements with mad Celtic energy into Time-Wimey, theatrical, and comedic revelry.  Michelle and I heard them at DragonCon last year.  They were terrific. Lots of fun and the audience just joined write in on the “giraffe dance.” We are very excited to have them as they usually do not leave the Tampa area except for the “big cons”.  It’s a long drive for them and we appreciate them coming.   In addition to giving us a concert on Saturday and Sunday, Ken will be participating in many of our panels.   I hope all our Whovians will come out and show the love.