Local Guest Spotlight!

Charleston is a city rich is culture and talent.  No wonder we are consistently voted one of the best places to visit and one of the friendliest cities!  This year we are pleased to host a rich assortment of local guests.   Below is just a little about them:

Christine Brunson



Christine is a local artist. She made her debut as co-creator, writer, and colorist for the web comic Undead Norm. Soon she found herself writing scripts for other stories and coloring pages for other creators. Christine hopes to continue making great comics for people to enjoy for many years to come!


Marie F Crow


Marie is the author of four books in the post-apocalyptic Risen Series as well as three books in the children’s Abigail and Her Pet Zombie Series as well as The Sirens and Blood Cravings Series.  In addition to writing, Marie has her own publishing company: Marie F Crow Publishing located in Goose Creek, SC.


SL Figuhr


SL is fan of the macabre and fantasy, SL’s biggest influences came from authors like Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly, Anne Rice, Edgar Allen Poe, and H.P. Lovecraft provided early influences. Other inspirations include Tales From The Crypt, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Xena, Alias, and a host of 1980′s movies. She has two books out in the Immortalibus Bella Series and hopes to have a third completed by the end of the year.


Leah Rhyne


Her first novel, Undead America: Zombie Days, Campfire Nights released in October, 2012, by MuseItUp Publishing. It’s sequel: Undead America: No Angels, was out in October, 2013. Around the web, you can find her writing for The Charleston City Paper, where she focuses on the local arts scene and a few opinion pieces, or at LitReactor, where the focus is books, writing, and more books.


Bruce Orr


Bruce Orr is a retired criminal investigator turned author.After retiring Mr. Orr combined his love for investigation and research with his love for history and writing. He began researching local Lowcountry legends and is now known as a “Ghostorian”. Bruce has written “Six Miles to Charleston” which is a look at the facts behind the legend of John and Lavinia Fisher, who were accused of robbing and murdering their guests at an Inn in 1819, Haunted Summerville, SC,”Ghosts of Berkeley County, SC and his latest book: Ghosts of the USS Yorktown, the Phantoms of Patriots Point.


Andy Rider


Stand-up comedian Andy Rider seeks to be both unique and hilarious. In the nearly three years he’s been doing stand-up he has been a finalist in the 2011 Charleston Stand-Up Competition and entertained audiences in both Carolina’s with a storytelling style that touches on comic books, dreams, trips to foreign lands, movies and even modeling.

Some of our other local artists attending:

James Christopher Hill


TM Showers


Dina Barron (Hooks N Toggles)




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